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About KoKPinLab: Photo Laboratory of Live | Eat | Play | Work with Passion | KokPinLab.com


KP Photo

I started playing with photography by investing in my first Nikon SLR F50 after I graduated from university. After the introduction of Digital SLR, I bought my first Nikon DSLR D50. I love digital camera as it allows me to view my photo instantly after pressing my shuttle and I can keep shooting as long as my memory card allows.

Birth of KokPinLab: Experimental Photo Laboratory

Photography gives me lots of satisfaction. I have been playing with the various blogging platform to document my photos. I started with Blogger, and then, wordpress.com, then finally I decided to set up my a self hosted wordpress blog – KokPinLab.com – as a way to share my journey of learning, eating, playing and living life via passionate photos.

Every moment and every shot is a great memory. I love to experiment with various photography and post editing techniques. Currently, I am using both my Nikon D50 and D300s as my main equipment now. I particularly like to use prime len. 50mm F1.8 and 20mm F1.8 are my preferred lens. I also hope to acquire the Nikon 105mm F2.8 Micro len to start experimenting with Macro and portrait photography.

I hope you will like this blog and my photos. Feel free to send me any ideas or suggestions you may have. I believe we can both learn to improve our photography skills together.

Have a great day!


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